Padded Walls is a high energy Alt. Rock band out of Baltimore, Maryland. Started by Dino Crescenzo (Guitar, Vocals) in September 2019, he was soon joined by Dylan Greveris (Drums), Cooper Wade (Bass, Guitar, Vocals), and old friend, Tommy O’Keefe, (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals). Padded Walls was fully formed for a grand total of 2 days before heading into the studio to record their first songs, including their first single Run Amok.

After being together for one month, Padded Walls played their very first show at Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD. They were booked that night for their very first headline.

Padded Walls released physical copies of their debut album “Padded Walls” at their show at Baltimore Soundstage on January 24. The band then released the album everywhere on February 1, 2020.

Band photo
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Above: Cooper Wade
Hero image: Ian Bell, Transcendent Events